North of the Great Divide

North of the Great Divide is a 1950 American western film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers, Penny Edwards and Gordon Jones.


An Indian tribe, the Osekas, in the north-west near the Canadian border has been depending on the yielding of salmon fish out of a nearby river for centuries. They smoke them so as to have enough food supplies for the rest of the year. They enjoy a good relationship with The Royal Canadian mounted police. Roy Rogers, the singing hero, is one of their most important friends, he joins the bureau of Indian affairs so as to defend their way of life more easily. Mr. Banning informs the head man of the Indian Village, Nogura, that he is going to build a fish cannery in the vicinity next to the river. The Indians are afraid the cannery is going to take all the fish from the river and not enough will remain for them. Mr Banning wants to hire the Indians to work for him but they are busy catching salmon and making supplies.