The Yellow Rolls-Royce

The Yellow Rolls-Royce is a 1964 British dramatic composite film written by Terence Rattigan, produced by Anatole de Grunwald, and directed by Anthony Asquith, the trio responsible for The V.I.P.s (1963).


A stunning yellow Rolls-Royce limousine is purchased by Charles, Marquess of Frinton, as a belated 10th wedding anniversary present for his French wife, Eloise. Lord Frinton, Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, is a longtime horse owner who has his heart set on winning the Ascot Gold Cup. This year his entry, named 10 June for his wedding anniversary, is the favourite. The horse wins, and Lord Frinton is presented with the Gold Cup by King George V. However, his elation is blighted when he finds his wife with her lover, his underling John Fane, en flagrante in the back of the Rolls with the shades drawn. For appearance's sake, Frinton will not divorce his wife, but he instructs the chauffeur to return the car to Hooper. When he is asked why the car is being returned, he simply replies, "It displeases me".