Old Mother Riley, MP

Old Mother Riley, MP

Old Mother Riley, MP is a 1939 British comedy film starring Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, which forms part of the Old Mother Riley series of films. The film's plot centres on Old Mother Riley standing for election to the House of Commons.


Concerning Old Mother Riley's fight against her landlord, and as a means of defeating a corrupt politician intent on demolishing her street and the local pub along with it, Mother Riley taking to the soapbox. Local crowds cheer her on, and she finds herself elected to Parliament, and eventually promoted to Cabinet Minister for Strange Affairs.


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    contentLocation England
    director Oswald Mitchell
    editor Daniel Birt
    genre comedy political
    keywords cabinet minister corrupt politician parliament soapbox
    musicBy Percival Mackey
    producer F.W. Baker
    productionCompany Butcher's Film Service
    publisher Butcher's Film Service