A War Named Desire

A War Named Desire

A War Named Desire is a 2000 Hong Kong action film co-written and directed by Alan Mak and starring Francis Ng, Daniel Chan, Pace Wu, Sam Lee, David Lee, Dave Wang and Gigi Leung.


Charles (Francis Ng) and James (Daniel Chan) are two brothers who lived with their grandmother during childhood. When Charles was eight years old, he committed an unexpected and unforgivable mistake, where he took HK$50,000 of cash from his grandmother's home and disappeared afterwards. James has held the grudge on his elder brother for his departure, not only for the fact that he took their grandmother's money, but mainly due to fact that his brother abandoned him without notice.


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    contentLocation Thailand
    director Alan Mak
    editor Cheung Ka-Fai
    genre action
    keywords abandon daniel chan date dave wang gigi leung grudge pace wu triad
    musicBy Mark Lui
    producer Joe Ma
    productionCompany Brilliant Idea Group Mei Ah Film Production
    publisher Mei Ah Entertainment