Springtime (; lit. When Spring Comes) is a 2004 South Korean film starring Choi Min-sik as a struggling musician who takes a job as a music teacher in a rural mining town outside of Seoul.


To trumpeter Hyun-woo, life seems to remain forever locked in winter. In desperation, Hyunwoo signs up for a position teaching a children's wind ensemble at a small junior high school in a distant Dogye village. Worn-out instruments, tarnished trophies and frayed certificates testify to the poor conditions of this ragtag group. This leads Hyun-woo, together with his students, to take on a seemingly impossible challenge.

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    contentLocation South Korea
    director Ryu Jang-ha
    genre drama
    keywords junior high school locked in teach
    musicBy Jo Seong-woo
    producer Choi Eun-hwa
    publisher Big Blue Film
    theme high school south korean