Vanished (Khmer: Bakluon) is a 2009 Cambodian thriller film directed by Tom Som and starring Saray Sakana and Chea Vannarith. Set in the capital city, Phnom Penh, the movie tells a contemporary murder story. The two main themes deal with trust and the independence of young people in a rigidly hierarchical society.


Radio show presenter Maly deals with the personal problems of young Cambodians on a controversial nightly phone-in show. In quick succession, her co-host and producer are found dead. Maly is terrified her own life is in danger, even under police protection. As the threats mount and she feels increasingly at her wits’ end, the question for her and the audience is – will she crack before the murderer is caught?


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    director Tom Som
    editor Sao Yoeun
    genre thriller
    keywords police protection radio show
    musicBy Jerry T Jones Simon Etchell
    producer Matthew Robinson
    publisher Khmer Mekong Films