Madol Duwa

Madol Duwa (Sinhala, Mangrove Island) is a 1976 Sri Lankan drama film directed by Lester James Peries and produced by Upasena Marasinghe. The film stars Ajith Jinadasa as Upali, a young rebellious youth who travels to a small island to get away from the restrictive society around him.


Young Upali Giniwella (Nandana Hettiarachi who grows up into Ajith Jinadasa) is resentful of his new stepmother (Somalatha Subasinghe) and lashes out by committing harmless acts of mischief around the village. For this Upali is sent to a boarding school where he bonds with the headmaster (Joe Abeywickrema). He once again gets into trouble however and is returned home when a new headmaster installed.


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    director Lester James Peries
    editor Sumitra Peries
    genre drama
    keywords boarding school
    producer Upasena Marasinghe