The Ritz is a 1976 British-American comedy farce film directed by Richard Lester based on the 1975 play of the same title by Terrence McNally. Actress Rita Moreno, who had won a Tony Award for her performance as Googie Gomez in the Broadway production, and many others from the 1975 original cast, such as Jack Weston, Jerry Stiller, and F. Murray Abraham, reprised their stage roles in the film version. Also in the cast were Kaye Ballard and Treat Williams. The film, Jack Weston, and Rita Moreno all received Golden Globe nominations in the comedy category. It opened to mixed reviews.


In a gay bathhouse in Manhattan, unsuspecting businessman Gaetano Proclo, a heterosexual, has taken refuge from his homicidal brother-in-law Carmine Vespucci, a mobster. Proclo uses Vespucci's name on the register. In the bathhouse, Gaetano stumbles across an assortment of oddball characters, including a rabid chubby chaser, go-go boys, a squeaky-voiced detective, and Googie Gomez, a third-rate entertainer with visions of Broadway glory who mistakes him for a famous producer and whom he mistakes for a man in drag. Further complications arise when Gaetano's wife Vivian tracks him down and jumps to the wrong conclusions about his sexual orientation.