The Cold Deck

The Cold Deck is a 1917 American silent Western film directed by and starring William S. Hart.


As described in a film trade magazine, "Level" Leigh (Hart), a notorious gambler, endeavors to keep his profession a secret from his sister Alice (Harris), who is an invalid. He plans to win a sufficient amount of money to give her proper care and restore her health. Coralie (Rubins), a Spanish dancer, is infatuated with Leigh, but when he returns little attention she has him "cold decked" and he loses all his money. The immediate need for a physician and his lack of funds lead Leigh to hold up a stage coach, but his little sister dies. When Leigh becomes wanted for the murder of a messenger, he gives himself up even though he did not commit the murder. The citizens are planning to lynch Leigh, but one man helps him to escape. While in hiding, he unearths the money from the stage coach. Leigh brings the real murderer of the messenger, "Black Jack" Hurley (Wallock), back to town where he gets his just deserts. Leigh is urged to remain in the town, and Rose Larkin (Breamer), daughter of the murdered messenger, promises to look after him.

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    director William S. Hart
    genre western
    keywords hide lynch murder plan stage coach want
    producer New York Film Corporation
    publisher Triangle Film