Possession or Phroso is a 1922 British-French silent drama film directed by Louis Mercanton and starring Malvina Longfellow, Reginald Owen and Max Maxudian. It is based on the 1897 novel Phroso: A Romance by Anthony Hope.


As described in a film magazine, Lord Wheatley purchases an island off Turkey and under Turkish rule. Upon arrival, he finds the natives bitterly opposed to his taking possession. They plan to install a young woman, Phroso, as dictator. Several fights occur between the islanders and Wheatley's servants. Mouraki Pacha arrives and quells the natives, but covets Phroso. Wheatley rescues Phroso from Constantine Stephanopoulos (Capellani), who wants to marry her, but the Turkish governor threatens him with execution if he does not surrender her to him. They escape using a secret passageway but again fall into the Turkish ruler's clutches. However, an islander with a grievance against Mouraki Pacha stabs him and helps the pair to escape in their yacht.

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    contentLocation Mediterranean Sea
    director Louis Mercanton
    genre drama romance
    keywords film magazine secret passageway young woman
    productionCompany Films Louis Mercanton
    publisher Etablissements Louis Aubert