Karuna Vee Beyvafa

Karuna Vee Beyvafa

Karuna Vee Beyvafa is a 2009 Maldivian drama film directed by Ali Seezan. Produced by Hassan Nooraddheen under C-Xanal Movies, the film stars Niuma Mohamed, Ali Seezan and Nadhiya Hassan in pivotal roles.


A happily married couple, Shimla Ali (Niuma Mohamed) and Imran Mohamed (Ali Seezan) deals with the unfortunate news of Shimla's infertility. She suggests Imran to marry another woman to fulfill his father's dream of having a grand-child. Imran storms off with anger and assured he will not marry anyone else. Desperately, Shimla begged her best-friend, Fathimath Rishmy (Nadhiya Hassan) to enter Imran's life as his second wife which she declined. However, as a favor for a friend in need, Rishmy later agreed to move on with the plan while keeping their friendship as a secret.


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    director Ali Seezan
    editor Ali Seezan
    genre drama
    keywords married couple second wife
    musicBy Ibrahim Nifar
    producer Hussain Nooraddheen
    productionCompany C-Xanal Movies