The Comedians

The Comedians is a 1941 German historical drama film directed by G. W. Pabst and starring Käthe Dorsch, Hilde Krahl and Henny Porten. It is based on the novel Philine by Olly Boeheim. The film is set in the eighteenth century, and portrays the development of German theatre. The film was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich with sets designed by the art director Julius von Borsody.


Karoline Neuber attempts to improve the lot of actors, who are looked down upon as vagabonds. When the Duchess refuses to let her son marry an actress, she defends them with such vehemence that she is driven from the country and finally dies in solitude.

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    contentLocation Germany
    director Georg Wilhelm Pabst
    editor Ludolf Grisebach
    genre drama historical
    musicBy Lothar Brühne
    producer Hans Schweikart
    productionCompany Bavaria Film
    publisher Bavaria Film
    theme biographical drama