Bloodshed is a 2005 American horror film by Jim McMahon based on a script by Jim McMahon and Michael Victor Roy. The film stars Íce Mrozek, Christopher Childs and Shana Lee Klisanin. In the film, two mentally unbalanced brothers become the prime suspects in a murder.


In a small town, the bully Luke and the troublemaker son of the sheriff Rodney are very aggressive with the outcast Frank and his moron brother, Donnie while dating the waitresses Katie and Beth, but Sheriff Greene resolves the situation. On the next day, Luke, Katie and Rodney are having a threesome in Luke's car and Donnie watches them; Luke and Rodney leave the car and beat up on him. However, Frank arrives and defends his brother, defeating the two guys. They drive away leaving Katie who had to run to the woods. Later, Sheriff