Return to Earth

Return to Earth

Return to Earth is a 1976 American biopic television film that originally aired on May 14, 1976 on ABC. The film stars Cliff Robertson as astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Shirley Knight as Joan Aldrin. Based upon Aldrin's 1973 book of the same name, the film dramatizes the emotional difficulties of Aldrin's life following his 1969 trip to the Moon on Apollo 11. The film was directed by Jud Taylor, and Aldrin served as a consultant.


Based upon his own book of his ordeals, the film is story of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk upon the Moon, and the problems he had after the mission and his return to Earth, including the breakup of his marriage, his struggles with clinical depression and alcoholism, and his hospitalization for psychiatric problems.


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    director Jud Taylor
    genre drama
    keywords alcoholism clinical depression
    musicBy Billy Goldenberg
    publisher American Broadcasting Company
    theme biographical