The Mafia Dolls

The Mafia Dolls (Spanish: Las muñecas de la mafia), is a Colombian telenovela created by Andrés López and Juan Camilo Ferrand and that premiered on Caracol Televisión on 28 September 2009, based on the book Las fantásticas written by the same creators of the series.


The story deals with the lives of five young friends, Brenda, Olivia, Violeta, Renata and Pamela, who live in the fictional Colombian town of "El Carmen." Throughout the series, they become further and further embroiled in inextricable situations because of their involvement with drug king-pin, Braulio Bermudez, his family and his lieutenants. Bermudez, played by the veteran Colombian actor, Fernando Solórzano, is a "capo" operating out of "El Carmen."