Nicholas and Alexandra

Nicholas and Alexandra is a 1971 British biographical film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and written by James Goldman, based on Robert K. Massie's 1967 book of the same name, which is a partial account of the last ruling Russian monarch, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra. It stars Michael Jayston and Janet Suzman, with a number of major actors in supporting roles.


The film opens in 1904 with Alexei's birth during the Russo-Japanese War. Tsar Nicholas II is warned by his cousin Grand Duke Nicholas and the Prime Minister Count Sergei Witte that the war is futile and costing too many lives. They also tell him there is a rising demand by the Russian people for representative government, health care, voting, and workers' rights, but Nicholas wants to maintain the autocracy. Meanwhile, underground political parties led by Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky have formed.


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    award Academy Award for Best Costume Design Academy Award for Best Production Design National Board of Review: Top Ten Films
    contentLocation Poland
    director Franklin J. Schaffner
    editor Ernest Walter
    events Russian Revolution
    genre drama historical
    keywords allies of world war i ally bleed bloody sunday bolshevik count sergei witte crimea dowager empress feodorovna duma early hours of 17 july 1918 execution of the romanov family exile factory worker family holiday february revolution felix yusupov force forced to abdicate freeze george v of the united kingdom georgy gapon grand duke grand duke dmitri grand duke dmitri pavlovich of russia grand duke nicholas grand duke nicholas nikolaevich of russia grigori rasputin health care hemophilia holy man horrify hunting lodge imperial court imperial russia imperial russian army ipatiev house joseph stalin kerensky kiev opera house leon trotsky livadia palace maria feodorovna national opera of ukraine october revolution opera house pass prime minister pyotr stolypin romanov tercentenary royal tour russian army russian empire russo-japanese war sanctuary sergei witte siberia spała starve state visit tobolsk tsarskoye selo united kingdom vladimir lenin vote wait winter palace world war i yakov yurovsky yekaterinburg
    musicBy Richard Rodney Bennett
    nomination Academy Award for Best Actress Academy Award for Best Cinematography Academy Award for Best Costume Design Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score Academy Award for Best Picture Academy Award for Best Production Design
    producer Sam Spiegel
    productionCompany Horizon Pictures
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    recordedAt Spain
    theme biographical biographical drama epic