Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures!

Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures!

is a Japanese television drama series that began airing on April 1, 2018 until March 24, 2019. It is the second installment of the Girls × Heroine Series produced by Takara Tomy and OLM, Inc. with the assistance of Shogakukan and EXPG Studio, following the success of Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes! The show is aimed at a female demographic between the ages of 2 and 6. The series stars Yuki Miyoshi, Momoka Sumitani, Misaki Tsuruya, Youka Ogawa, and Kurea Masuda. The plot is centered on the Magimajo Pures, a group of middle school girls who transform into Magical Heroines to protect people's dreams from the Nuisance World.


In an attempt to conquer the world, the Nuisance World has stolen the magical gemstones called and have corrupted each into a dark-possessed crystal, an , which interferes with people's dreams and turns them into a dark, villainous . Momoka, an ordinary middle school student, is summoned by Mokonyan, a fairy from the Magical World, to join Magical Heroines Rin and Mitsuki and stop the Nuisance World. Together, as Magimajo Pures, they purelize the Akiramests back into Majoka Jewels with magic.


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    director Takashi Miike
    genre drama
    keywords gemstone middle school summon
    publisher TV Tokyo