Under Paris is a 2024 French disaster film directed by Xavier Gens, who it with Yannick Dahan, Maud Heywang, and Yaël Langmann. It stars Bérénice Bejo as a grieving marine biologist who is forced to face her tragic past in order to save Paris from a bloodbath when a giant shark appears in the Seine.


Near the Great Pacific garbage patch, marine researcher Sophia Assalas and her team search for Lilith, a tagged shortfin mako shark. Her husband Chris leads a dive team of Sam, Juan and Tom, leaving Sophia and Jade onboard. The team first observe an unusual sight of makos hunting in a pack, before they locate Lilith, who has grown much larger since she was last sighted. With the shark appearing non-aggressive, Chris attempts to take a blood sample from Lilith, but the shark suddenly snaps and kills him, Sam, Juan and Tom. Leaving the safety of the boat, Sophia goes after Lilith, but becomes entangled in a net and dragged far beneath the surface as the shark escapes into the depths. She manages to free herself, but not before suffering injuries due to the severe change in pressure.