Mumbai Calling

Mumbai Calling is a British-Indian comedy series, starring Sanjeev Bhaskar, set in the fictional Teknobable call centre in Mumbai. The series was shot on location in India. The pilot first aired on ITV on 30 May 2007. The first series aired on ABC1 (Australia) starting on 12 May 2009, and on ITV starting on 30 May 2009.


Kenny Gupta (Bhaskar), a British Indian accountant, is sent to a call centre in Mumbai by his boss, Philip Glass. His job is to turn it around and make it profitable. Kenny is joined by Glass' daughter, Tiffany (Sophie Hunter), and local call centre manager Dev Raja (Ganatra).


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    director Kabir Akhtar
    genre comedy
    keywords british indian sophie hunter
    publisher ABC1 HBO Asia ITV