Melting Millions

Melting Millions is a 1917 American silent comedy film directed by Otis Turner and starring Sydney Deane, Cecil Holland, Velma Whitman, George Walsh, and Frank Alexander. The film was released by Fox Film Corporation on February 19, 1917.


Jack Ballentine, young and irresponsible, discovers that in order to inherit his uncle's fortune, he must prove to Mrs. Walton, his guardian, that he is a competent businessman. Jack, totally devoid of any business acumen, doesn't hit one. Escaped to the West, he saves a girl and her father from a gang of robbers, while Mrs. Walton freezes his bank accounts, leaving him penniless. The young man proves brave, however, when he saves Jane, the girl, from being kidnapped by her father's former secretary, thus finally winning the approval of Mrs. Walton.

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    director Otis Turner
    genre comedy
    keywords bank account kidnap west win young man
    productionCompany Fox Film Corporation
    publisher Fox Film Corporation