Disco King

Disco King is a 1984 Telugu-language dance film directed by Tatineni Prasad. The film stars Nandamuri Balakrishna and Tulasi, with music composed by Chakravarthy. It is a remake of the Hindi film Disco Dancer (1982). The film was released on 7 June 1984.


The film begins with a cute little busker, Balakrishna, staging wonderful music with his mentor, Venkatesh. Once, his tune allures a girl named Thulasi as she is inquisitive, and he walks in. Witnessing it, her elitist millionaire father, Jagannatham, smacks and incriminates him. Hence, he leaves the town with his mother, Sita, owing to mortification. Years roll by; Sudhakar, a renowned disco dancer, is the son of Jagannatham, who is spoiled and supercilious. Nutan Prasad, his manager, is constantly demeaned, so he defies supersede him with emergent. Forthwith, Nutan Prasad stretches out his hunt, which ends by flashing Balakrishna. Here, they learn that two are affected by the same party. Thus, Balakrishna takes up the gauntlet and triumphs in the concert denied by Sudhakar. Soon, Balakrishna summits and is ennobled as Disco King. In tandem, he bickers with Thulasi and wins her heart. Dethroned Sudhakar turns into a dope fiend when hectic Jagannatham cabals slay Balakrishna and electrify his guitar with high voltage. Tragically, Sita takes death to protect her son. Then, Balakrishna is in pain due to guitar phobia. Additionally, Jagannatham cripples him. However, Thulasi boasts of his courage and retrieves him. Now, it is an excellent time for the All India Disco Competition, but Balakrishna is unattainable as his past haunts him. Venkatesh appears during that plight, ignites his fire, and gets back on track. At that point, Jagannatham is onslaught when Venkatesh sacrifices his life while guarding Balakrishna. At last, Balakrishna ceases Jagannatham & Sudhakar. Finally, the movie ends happily, with Balakrishna continuing his musical journey.

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    editor Kollimarlla Nageswara Rao
    keywords flash guard musical journey spoil
    musicBy K. Chakravarthy
    producer Rakesh
    productionCompany Sri Vishnu Films
    theme dance stag