Welcome M1LL10NS

Welcome M1LL10NS

Welcome M1LL10NS, also known as WELCOME MILLIONS, is a 2018 Indian suspense thriller film directed and written by Milroy Goes and produced by Manna Mohie under Manna Mohie Films. The film is set in Goa and tells of the journey of a lazy cop finding a smart criminal. The victim suffers the aftermath, hoping to someday get justice. It is a multi-lingual film featuring Joanne Da Cunha, Sohan Borcar, Les Menezes, and Manna Mohie. It has a post-credit scene filmed in Los Angeles featuring American actress Kathryn Michelle.”


Alfred D'souza's life changes because of money. A year before 'The Demonetization' that hit India, D'souza is living in a small town, Cuncolim, in Goa, India. D'souza is consumed by his dreams of being rich, but finds himself caught up in a lottery fraud. Due to the backward nature of the Goa cyber crime department his case was closed. A corrupt cop must find a way to reopen the case.


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    contentLocation Goa
    director Milroy Goes
    editor Yash Sawant
    genre thriller
    keywords corrupt cop small town
    musicBy Michael Learns to Rock
    producer Manna Mohie