Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama is an Indian historical comedy drama based on the life of the legendary Telugu poet Tenali Ramakrishna, one of the Ashtadiggajas (or the eight honorable) poets at the court of Vijayanagara Emperor Krishnadevaraya (C.E. 1509–1529), who is often cited as the greatest Vijayanagara emperor. The series premiered on Sony SAB on 11 July 2017 and went off-air on 13 November 2020.


Legendary poet and royal advisor Pandit Ramakrishna in Krishnadevaraya's Vijayanagara court uses his timely wit and intelligence to solve even the trickiest of problems. His arch-rival Tathacharya, who wants to humiliate him, is often stumped by Ramakrishna's intelligence. Rama is very close to King Krishnadeva Raya.