How to Frame a Figg

How to Frame a Figg is a 1971 comedy film about a bookkeeper's bungling assistant, Hollis Alexander Figg (played by Don Knotts) in the Dalton city hall, who finds himself framed for embezzlement.


Hollis Figg is an earnest if not too bright man whose devoted friend is a local sanitation worker, and whose girlfriend is the equally earnest Ema Letha, a pretty waitress at the diner across the street from City Hall, where Figg works as an accountant. When the Mayor, his staff, and Mr. Spaulding, the richest man in town, decide they need more cover for their shameless skimming from the city's coffers, they fire three of the four accountants in the basement and replace them with a computer named LEO (Large-Capacity Enumerating Officiator), keeping Figg whom they deem the dimmest of the three to run the computer that he barely comprehends. When Figg unexpectedly (and quite accidentally) stumbles upon discrepancies in a road works budget, they promote him to the "third floor," distract him with a new Cadillac and a sexy assistant (Yvonne Craig) who is able to manipulate him into signing any form or check that she places on his desk. Of course the curvaceous secretary doesn't sit too well with Ema Letha either.