Streetwise (originally titled as 24/7) is a 1998 hood-action-crime thriller film written and directed by Bruce Brown in his directorial debut, and stars Tim Taylor, Kurt Matthews, Jerry Cummings, D.C. Scorpio and Sidney Burston. Streetwise also stars Taraji P. Henson making her acting debut in a featured film.


Eric Walker (Tim Taylor) along with his oldest brother Donte Walker (Kurt Matthews) and their friend Loco (D.C. Scorpio) are drug dealers who have a small-time operation selling crack on the corners of Talbert Street in their Anacostia neighborhood in Southeast, D.C. On the street corners, they have to worry about muggers such as 11:30 (a mentally-deranged stick-up kid who's served time in St. Elizabeths Hospital and who's fascinated with killing street thugs and then hurrying home to watch the aftermath on the 11:30 nightly news.)