Operetta is a 1940 German musical film directed by Willi Forst and starring Forst, Maria Holst and Dora Komar. The film was made by Wien-Film, a Vienna-based company set up after Austria had been incorporated into Greater Germany following the 1938 Anschluss. It is the first film in director Willi Forst's "Viennese Trilogy" followed by Vienna Blood (1942) and Viennese Girls (1945). The film portrays the life of Franz Jauner (1832–1900), a leading musical figure in the city. It is both an operetta film and a Wiener Film.

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    contentLocation Vienna
    director Karl Hartl Willi Forst
    editor Hans Wolff
    genre historical
    musicBy Willy Schmidt-Gentner
    producer Karl Hartl Willi Forst
    productionCompany Wien-Film
    theme musical operetta wiener