Ghost of Banana Tree

Ghost of Banana Tree

Ghost of Banana Tree is a 2005 film. It is a Cambodian horror film based on a Cambodian ghost story about a vengeful ghost haunting a banana tree and killing her husband. It is the fourth horror film by Campro Production, following Neang Neath, The Forest, and The Haunted House.


The story is based on a Khmer tale. A man goes abroad for business. While he is away, his wife falls ill and dies. Her vengeful spirit begins to haunt the people of the village. The husband returns and believes his wife's ghost is actually his living wife until her ghost's arm grows unnaturally long. He flees the house for help, but, even after a proper Khmer burial, his wife's ghost follows him to a Buddhist monk's house, where he has sought safety. As he recites prayers, his wife's ghost climbs one of the many nearby banana trees to enter the house through a window. (It is traditionally considered inauspicious by the Khmer to grow banana trees close to a house, especially near a window.) She kills her husband, and the film ends with the couple's spirits flying to begin their next life together.


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    director Heng Tola
    genre horror
    keywords buddhist buddhist monk fly khmer people vengeful spirit
    producer Heng Tola
    publisher Campro production