Jatrai Jatra

Jatrai Jatra is a 2019 Nepalese drama comedy heist thriller film, directed by Pradip Bhattarai and written by Rhythm Paudel . Rhythm Paudel has played a huge role developing this film. The film is produced by Singe Lama, Rhythm Paudel and Rabindra Singh Baniya under the banner of Shatkon Arts. The film stars Bipin Karki, Dayahang Rai, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha and Barsha Raut in the lead roles. The film is the sequel and follow up of Jatra released on 2016.


The first film ended with Fanindra Timilsina (Bipin Karki), Joyes (Rabindra Singh Baniya), and Munna (Rabindra Jha) being arrested for possessing a bag full of counterfeit money. In the sequel, they’ve been found innocent and released from custody after two years. But finding a job is difficult out in the real world. Munna is kicked out of his barber shop; Joyes cannot find the love of his life and somehow ends up in a job delivering oxygen tanks; and Fanindra needs to find a better life for his wife Sampada (Barsha Raut) and son Iman (Arbein Khadka). Fanindra tries different jobs, finally ending up as a taxi driver to a Brahmin sahu (Rajaram Paudel).