Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (; Mandarin: Ju ma pao) is a 1976 Taiwanese film directed by Chick Lim Yu.


On the idyllic phoenix island in the south china sea a golden city becomes the birthplace to a new form of Kung Fu. Soon an evil tyrant threatens the peace and harmony of once such a proud city. A generation passes and a brave prince, a fearless princess and a foolish dwarf with the powers of invisibility team up to return a kingdom to its people as they wrest it from the hands of the evil tyrant.


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    director Chi-Lien Yu Kang Yu
    editor Yen Chu Lieh
    keywords id
    musicBy Mou Shan Huang
    producer Hsiang Ping Liu Wen Ho Chen
    theme kung fu martial arts