Jamai Shashur

Jamai Shashur also ( or meaning of ) is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film. Released in Bangladesh on 2003 Directed by Shahdat Khan. It was a comedy plot based on the relationship of a father in law with son in law. The story written by Abdullah Zahir Babu and Shah Rashidul Hossain Farhad.


Farhad Khan (Riaz) a young man, he is in loves with Shiri (Purnima) heart and soule. Shiri comeback from Farhad and after someday Farhar on the way going to out of Dhaka. He meets a young lady Milly (Shishu) and after say something see that this lady lead to suisite for an unacceptable personal matter. Farhad was first save the lady let know Milly's previous life situation as Milly now pregnant for leave with her lover Masud Khan (Amit Hasan). Farhad get an idea for overcome scandal, and take a necessary steps as Farhad get Milly's fals husband for not about matter also meat Milly family or society. Milly's father is Jamidar Aftab Chowdhury (Washimul Bari Rajib) he alltime so crazy also unsmiler face. Aftab Chowdhury has not accepted there are relaytion but Milly's grand father Sher-E- Mahtab Chowdhury (ATM Shamsuzzaman) he accept the relaytion effortlessly. After anything a day come from Dhaka Milly's little syster Shiri also she not know Milly's marry matter, she let know by home servant and get search Milly with her Brother-in-law. But when Shiri meet her Brother-in-law face to face- Shiri most shokhed also Farhad. Because these Brother-in-law Farhad Shiri's heart and Soule lover. Other side Farhad not about Shiri's family status by Shiri. So, he takes helping venture with a young lady for save the social scandal. But he not knows as Shiri Milly's small syster. However, Shiri-Farhad relaytion get back to and marry well standing Aftab Chowdhury finishing the story.