Genoese Dragnet

Genoese Dragnet

Genoese Dragnet is a 1952 Italian crime-melodrama film. The movie relates the story of Michele, a man accused of murdering a kidnapped girl and his fight to prove his innocence.


Genoa. Two wealthy spouses have their little daughter kidnapped. The kidnappers ask for a ransom of twenty million: the father makes the payment but the girl is not released. The searches start and in a short time it turns out that her child died of suffocation. The outrage of public opinion initiates the investigation, but it takes many months before the arrest of the alleged culprit, a mechanic of a garage who cannot justify his sudden enrichment.

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    contentLocation Genoa
    director Guido Brignone
    genre crime drama
    keywords bos flee gang leader kidnap kill
    musicBy Ezio Carabella
    producer Fortunato Misiano
    theme melodrama