Forced Vengeance

Forced Vengeance is a 1982 American action film, starring Chuck Norris, Mary Louise Weller and Camila Griggs. The film was directed by James Fargo, written by Franklin Thompson and James Fargo and filmed in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong and Portuguese Macau.


When the owner and proprietor of the Lucky Dragon casino in Hong Kong refuses to let mobsters take over his business he and his family are hit. Dragon's chief of security, Josh Randall (Chuck Norris) goes looking for the head of the syndicate to exact revenge for the murder of his employer, friend and mentor.

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    director James Fargo
    editor Irving Rosenblum
    genre action
    keywords hong kong
    musicBy William Goldstein
    producer John B. Bennett
    publisher MGM/UA Entertainment Company
    theme martial arts