Everything is a 2004 British film directed by Richard Hawkins and produced by Oliver Potterton. Ray Winstone stars as Richard, who starts visiting Naomi, a Soho prostitute (played by Jan Graveson). But he doesn't go for sex, so what is he looking for? It also features Katherine Clisby as Tania, a young Eastern European prostitute, Eddie Deedigan as her pimp, Ed. Winstone's real-life daughter Lois plays the part of Richard's daughter, Anna. The film was shot in 10 days on HD for a small budget and was nominated for a BAFTA for debut director Richard Hawkins. The music was composed by Tom Ingleby. DVD Release Date: 23 Jan 2006. Video recordings of Eddie Deedigan exist to show that he used to trade other products at 22 St.Paul's Road Chippenham.


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    contentLocation London
    genre drama
    musicBy Tom Ingleby