Vanasundari is a 1951 Indian Tamil-language film directed by T. R. Raghunath, starring P. U. Chinnappa, T. R. Rajakumari, T. S. Balaiah and S. Varalakshmi.


Prince Gunasagaran hates his father Marthandan, king of Neelapuri as he, in spite of his age, spends his time in entertainment without concern for people. Marthandan chases Gunasagaran out of the country. Gunasagaran and his friend Adhi Medhavi goes to another country. There, a cruel younger brother of the king, Kapaleekaran rules after killing his elder brother. His paramour Leela is virtually ruling the State. Vanasundari, the king's daughter is in custody. Adhi Medhavi is imprisoned on false charge of theft. Gunasagaran meets Vanasundari in the jungle. Both exchange their tale of woes. Gunasagaran promises to rescue her. After many twists and turns the story has a happy ending.

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    director T. R. Raghunath
    editor S. A. Murugesan
    keywords kill rule the king
    musicBy S. V. Venkatraman
    producer SM. Letchumanan Chettiar
    productionCompany Krishna Pictures