Punyi Pukur

Punyi Pukur

Punyi Pukur was a Bengali television soap that premiered on 7 December 2015 On Star Jalsha and aired every day at 9:30 PM IST. It was produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures, and starred Monami Ghosh and Koushik Roy in lead roles and Aparajita Adhya, Bharat Kaul and Anushree Das among others in prominent supporting roles; while Debaparna Chakraborty essayed a negative role. The show replaced the popular show Jol Nupur. Alongside Guddi, this is a very regressive serial produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures as its plotline centers around polygamy, abuse of women, and excessive negativity.


Punyi Pukur follows the story of Kankon at her in-laws' house and how her relationship with her in-laws take turns with time. It is a story of Kankon, who lives in a village and since she was not getting married, Kankon and her mother, Hoimonti always had to listen her uncle's taunts. Kankon's father is tracking lover and gets missing from her birth. Kankon's aunt Basumati and her sister Chhuti is always in favor of Kankon. Kankon is very much interested in idol making from a localite, Biswanath, who has a past. Later, Kankon marries into a wealthy house in Kolkata.


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    musicBy Debojyoti Mishra