Green Eyes is a 1977 American made-for-television war drama film directed by John Erman and written by Eugene Logan and David Seltzer. It is a "touching and moving story" about an Vietnam veteran Lloyd Dubeck (Paul Winfield) who went through a soul searching journey.


Lloyd Dubeck (Paul Winfield), is "a Vietnam veteran wounded both physically and psychologically." Released from a VA hospital, walking with a cane, Lloyd can’t find work and can’t seem to fit in. Lloyd's mother, has saved up all the money that Lloyd sent her from his Army pay, plus what she earned as a cleaning woman, to enable him go to college and get a degree. Instead, Lloyd decides to return to Saigon to search for a Vietnamese woman, Em Thuy with whom he fathered a child he has never seen. The only thing he knows about his child, thanks to a single letter from Em Thuy, is that it’s a boy with green eyes".