The Empty Man

The Empty Man is a 2020 American supernatural horror film written and directed by David Prior, based on Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey's graphic novel of same name published by Boom! Studios. The film stars James Badge Dale, Marin Ireland, Stephen Root, Ron Canada, Robert Aramayo, Joel Courtney, and Sasha Frolova. It follows an ex-cop who, upon an investigation into a missing girl, discovers a secret cult.


In the Ura Valley, Bhutan in 1995; four friends — Greg, Fiona, Ruthie, and Paul — go hiking on a mountain. Paul hears a strange whistling calling to him and falls in a crevice while investigating. Greg finds Paul in an almost catatonic state, crying and shaking on his knees staring at a massive and strange inhuman skeleton embedded into the cave wall. Before Greg can touch Paul, he whispers to Greg that if he touches him, he will die. Greg hesitates at first, but puts his hands on Paul and drags him out of the crevice to the others. The group carries Paul out and Greg takes him to a refuge at an empty house as a snowstorm hits. Greg, Fiona and Ruthie argue about whether Paul is faking or not. He suffers from depression and has tried to kill himself before. The next day, Ruthie encounters and is chased by a strange figure outside who is the spirit of the creature in the cave. That night, Paul, who is being slowly possessed by the evil spirit, whispers something into Ruthie's ear. The next day, Paul goes missing. The group finds him in the snow next to the bridge they crossed. Ruthie becomes dazed before stabbing Greg and slicing Fiona's throat and throwing their bodies over the cliff. She shares an entranced look with Paul, before throwing herself off too.