Punjab Kesari

Punjab Kesari

Punjab Kesari is 1938 Tamil-language thriller film directed by Fram Sethna. It was adapted from Te. Po. Krishnasami Pavalar's play of the same name. The film adaptation stars K. P. Kesavan, P. U. Chinnappa, Kali N. Rathnam and A. K. Rajalakshmi in the lead roles.


Sundaranathan is in love with Padma Bai (A. K. Rajalakshmi), the daughter of the wealthy Somanathan Prabhu. Somanathan Prabhu decides to get his daughter married to Sundaranathan, but a villain lusts for her and her wealth. His gang kills Somanathan and frames Sundaranathan, who is arrested. A doctor hires detective Punjab Kesari to uncover the truth. Punjab Kesari and his assistant Karappanpoochi unmask the killer and the truth. Sudaranathan is exonerated, and marries Padma Bai.

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    contentLocation Chennai
    genre crime thriller
    keywords arrest exonerate married
    musicBy Thyagarajan
    productionCompany Star Films