Aanimuthyam ( Pearl) is a 1988 Telugu-language action drama film, produced by Kesireddy Maheswara Rao under the Leela Movies banner and directed by Bindela Eswara Rao. It stars Rajendra Prasad, Radhika, Sarath Babu in the lead roles and music composed by Chandra Shekar.


The film begins on a twosome, Ravi Chandra (Sarath Babu) & Prashanti (Radhika) who work as school teachers and love each other. Once a goon Bhanoji Rao (Chalasani Krishna Rao) molests Prashanti and she becomes pregnant. Nevertheless, Ravi Chandra accepts her along with the baby. But Prashanti feels the kid Murali as an heir of a monster and loathes him. After that, the couple is blessed with another child Suresh. Years roll by, Murali (Rajendra Prasad) becomes an honest Police officer whereas Suresh (Rajanish) grows as a blackguard. However, Prashanti still maintains the same attitude for Murali. But Ravi Chandra embraces him with his warmth. Besides, Bhanoji Rao turns as malicious one that creates turbulence in the society with his barbarities in the veil of virtuous. Here, Murali ripes into a tough nut to him without knowing their relation. So, to thwart him Bhanoji Rao clutches Suresh but Murali does not yield. So, he orders to eliminate him. In the combat, Ravi Chandra dies while guarding Murali against harm. Before dying, he corrects Prashanti by explaining the eminence of a pearl and requests to shower her endearment on Murali. Currently, Suresh does not even attend his father's funeral. Parallelly, Bhanoji Rao ploys & intrigues to mortgage the secrets of the country. Being cognizant of it, Murali starts his operation when Prashanti recognizes Bhanoji Rao and reveals the birth secret of Murali. After learning the truth, Murali vows to safeguard his brother as he is the last memory of his father. Soon, Murali hits them, destroys Bhanoji Rao, and tries to catch Suresh. But crooked Suresh attempts to kill him when Prashanti eliminates Suresh and spreads her patriotism. Finally, the movie ends Govt appreciating Prashanti's deed and honoring Murali with the gold medal.