Sex, Death and Bowling

Sex, Death and Bowling is a 2015 American independent comedy-drama film starring Adrian Grenier, Selma Blair, Bailey Chase and Drea de Matteo. It marked the directing and writing debut of actress Ally Walker.


Sean McAllister (Adrian Grenier) is a successful fashion designer who returns home to Arizona when he learns his brother, Rick (Bailey Chase), has cancer. Sean has been gone for a while ever since getting into an argument with his father. Rick lives at home with his wife, Glenn (Selma Blair), and his live-in nurse Ana (Drea De Matteo). Sean and Rick's father Dick (Daniel Hugh Kelly) owns a local sports equipment shop and is an avid bowler. Rick's son, Eli (Joshua Rush) idolizes his father and his grandfather and wishes to become as good a bowler as the two of them. Sean arrives and immediately begins opening up old wounds with his father. Sean is gay, and an incident when he was younger involving another boy from the high school football team whom a teacher saw brought shame to Dick, resulting in the two becoming distant even after Sean's rise to fame. Sean tries to reconcile with both his father and his brother, but it proves difficult.