Flight Crew (, translit.Ekipazh) is a Russian disaster film directed by Nikolai Lebedev and produced by Russia-1 Channel which released in April 2016. It stars Vladimir Mashkov, Danila Kozlovsky and Agnė Grudytė.


Alexey Gushchin is a talented young military pilot who does not accept authority and acts under a personal honor code. He is given a mission to deliver a cargo of supplies for charity, but the plane is also filled with cars for a general whose friend's daughter is getting married. During the mission, realising that the plane cannot go through the storm easily, he disposes of one of the cars in mid-air. For his actions, he is prevented from flying a military aircraft again and in spite of that, he asks his father Igor (a famous aircraft engineer) for help getting back on the scene. He applies to a passenger airline, with Leonid Zinchenko overseeing his examination in a simulation. During the test, Alexey demonstrates impressive flying skills, but fails the test when he is unable to prevent the plane from crashing into a building on landing. Leonid, under pressure from his peers, retries the test and also crashes, forcing him to hire Alexey as the second pilot-trainee on the Tu-204SM along with attendant Andrey under the guidance of Zinchenko. Meanwhile, Zinchenko is experiencing family problems due to his absence from home and his alienation from his son Valera, who has abandoned education. Meanwhile, Alexey begins a relationship with pilot Alexandra Kuzmina.