Sokhi ; was a thriller drama Bengali television soap opera that premiered on February 11, 2013, and aired on Star Jalsha, produced by Ravi Ojha Productions and starred Manali Dey and Debolina Dutta as main female protagonist and Goutam Dey as main male antagonist. It replaced Ghore Pherar Gaan.


The paths of two women, Ishani and Kamala cross accidentally, when Kamala saves Ishani from being molested. The two girls, finally come together to lodge a battle for all women. They dare to raise their voice against harassment and abuse faced by women. However, they are totally unlike each other. While Ishani is independent and free spirited, Kamala has always learnt to follow the norms set by society. Sokhi is the story of an ordinary girl who becomes extraordinary. Both Ishani & Kamala discover themselves anew. They prove that no one is born a fighter; but every woman has the power to derive strength from deep within. Both of them delve deep into their hearts and discover traits which none knew they possessed, and in the process develop a deep bond between them – a bond born of empathy rather than sympathy. It is more than friendship as they realize that in spite of their differing circumstances, both are victims of the social process and that they need to fight together. When one needs support, the other always reaches out – the hand of friendship and understanding is always extended as both embark on their new journey of life.