Dead Fury

Dead Fury is a 2008 American animated comedy horror parody film written and directed by Frank Sudol, with Sudol also doing all animation, music, and voice characterizations. The film debuted at the Philadelphia Film Festival April 9, 2008, and was released on DVD August 5, 2008, through Unearthed Films.


Max, Pop, Jen and Jake are deer hunting out of season. Earlier, a hiker had found an ancient book of spells and after reading a few lines had turned into a demon. Hearing noise in the brush, the group thinks they have found a deer, only to discover it is the transformed hiker. Fearful, the groups shoots at the demon and takes refuge in a nearby cabin. As more and more zombie-fied creatures attack the group, they use every implement available to defend themselves. As the group begins to get possessed one by one only Max remains and he must fight for his live against the zombies and a family of freaks.