Take a Chance

Take a Chance is a 1918 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.


Harold becomes smitten with a hired girl (Bebe) who is washing a staircase. When Bebe's beau (Snub) arrives to drive her to a picnic, Harold stealthily sneaks into the back seat of Snub's car. Without their being aware of his presence, Harold causes them to get into a fight. When the car arrives at the picnic grounds, Harold And Bebe enter the park together and enjoy a frantic few moments on a seesaw. Two prison escapees enter the park. One clubs Harold over the head and dresses him in his prison garb to confuse the pursuing police force. Harold uses his wits and athletic ability to elude capture by many officers.

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    director Alfred John Goulding
    genre comedy
    keywords police force prison escape wash
    producer Hal Roach
    theme short