4 Blocks

4 Blocks is a German drama series. It stars Kida Khodr Ramadan as Ali "Toni“ Hamady, the leader of a Lebanese crime family and drug cartel in Berlin-Neukölln. He is forced to postpone his plans to leave the business to live an ordinary life with his wife, played by Maryam Zaree, when his brother-in-law, played by Massiv, is arrested. He brings in Vince Kerner, played by Frederick Lau, a boyhood friend, to restore order in the family business, much to the dislike of Toni's brother Abbas, played by Veysel Gelin, who is eager to succeed him as the family leader.


The Lebanese Ali "Toni“ Hamady has lived in Germany with his family for 26 years. He is the boss of an organized crime family located in the Neukölln borough of Berlin. In order to protect his wife Kalila and daughter Serin he tries to become a legitimate businessman. After his brother-in-law Latif is arrested with nine kilograms of cocaine in the trunk of his car, Toni must do something. He does not want to let his unpredictable brother Abbas take his place as head of the Hamady Clan. Meanwhile, Toni runs into Vince, an old friend who he trusts. He takes Vince into confidence, not realizing that Vince is actually working with the police as an undercover agent.