The Deadlier Sex

The Deadlier Sex

The Deadlier Sex is a 1920 American silent drama-comedy film directed by Robert Thornby which stars Blanche Sweet and features Boris Karloff, and was distributed by Pathé Exchange. The screenplay was written by Fred Myton, based on a short story by Bayard Veiller. It was filmed in Truckee, California. This film was recently restored by the Academy Film Archive and still exists.


Mary Willard (Sweet), who has taken control of her father's interests after his death, has become so exasperated at the unscrupulous business practices of her competitor Harvey Judson (Hamilton) that she has him kidnapped to teach him a lesson and protect her shareholders against him.

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    director Robert Thornby
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords kidnap rescue train station
    producer Jesse D. Hampton
    productionCompany Jesse D. Hampton Productions
    publisher Pathé
    recordedAt California