Sanju Aau Sanjana

Sanju Aau Sanjana

Sanju Aau Sanjana is a 2010 Odia film screenplay & directed by Ashok Pati with dialogue by Rajaniranjan, produced by Lutu Mohanty, and starring Babushaan, Parijaat, and Mihir Das.


Parsuram Paikray is an influential personality in the city. He has a dream that both of his daughters Sanjana and Anjana should marry upon his choice. Anjana falls in love with Amar and left home after get married. Parsuram kidnapped all of Amar's friends with his goons to track his daughter. Sanjay is one of Amar's friend, who get kidnapped. Sanju falls in love with Parsuram's second daughter Sanjana and both escaped from his house. Parsuram sent his goons to kill Sanju and rescue Sanjana. Sanju survives and at last marry Sanjana.

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    director Ashok Pati
    editor Sukumar Mani
    keywords kidnap married
    musicBy Prasant Padhi
    producer Lutu Mohanty
    productionCompany Jay Hanuman Films
    publisher Jay Hanuman Films