The Face at the Window

The Face at the Window

The Face at the Window is a 1939 British horror film directed by George King. It was the second sound film adaptation of the 1897 stage melodrama by F. Brooke Warren after the 1932 version.


In Paris in 1880, a series of murders involving a grotesque face appearing at victims' windows, is attributed to a mysterious Wolf Man. After being accused of being the perpetrator, bank clerk Lucien Cortier (John Warwick) seeks to uncover the true identity of the murderer. Chevalier Lucio del Gardo seems determined to successfully prosecute Cortier for the murders.


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    contentLocation Paris
    director George King
    editor Jack Harris
    genre drama historical horror
    keywords bank clerk series of murders true identity werewolf wolf man
    musicBy Jack Beaver
    producer George King
    productionCompany George King Productions
    publisher British Lion Film Corporation
    theme melodrama