Funeral Parade of Roses

is a 1969 Japanese drama film directed and written by Toshio Matsumoto, loosely adapted from Oedipus Rex and set in the underground gay culture of 1960s Tokyo. It stars Peter as the protagonist, a young transvestite, and features Osamu Ogasawara, Yoshio Tsuchiya and Emiko Azuma. A product of the Japanese New Wave, the film combines elements of arthouse, documentary and experimental cinema, and is thought to have influenced Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange (1971).


The film follows the trials and tribulations of Eddie and other transgender women in Tokyo.


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    contentLocation Tokyo
    director Toshio Matsumoto
    editor Toshie Iwasa
    events incest
    genre drama
    musicBy Joji Yuasa
    producer Keiko Machida Mitsuru Kudo
    publisher Art Theatre Guild
    theme avant-garde and experimental japanese lgbt-related