Do Phool

Do Phool (Two Flowers) is a 1958 Indian Hindi-language family drama film directed by A. R. Kardar. Adapted from the 1881 children's novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri, it has Baby Naaz in the role of Poornima (Heidi). The film was produced by Akhtar Sultana Kadar, with dialogues written by Krishan Chander. The music director was Vasant Desai, and the lyrics were written by Hasrat Jaipuri. The film starred Romi, Baby Naaz, Vijaya Choudhary, Bipin Gupta, Ulhas, David, Agha, and Jeevan.


Poornima (Naaz), a young orphan girl stays with her Aunt Shankri in a village called Neecha Nagar, at the foothills of Pawan Ghat. Her grandfather, Chacha Sagar (Bipin Gupta), whom she rarely meets, lives a lonely existence atop the hill in a cottage. Shankri is a greedy conniving woman, and instead of having to take care of Poonima, she leaves her with her grandfather. Here Poornima meets a young goatherd, Jaggu (Romi), who brings his goats for grazing every day and returns to his blind mother (Pratima Devi) in Neecha Nagar at sunset. Jaggu and Poornima become friends and develop a close bond. Shankri enters Poornima's life again, as she intends to put her in service so she can earn money. In spite of her grandfather objecting, Shankri puts Poornima to work in Seth Girja Shankar's (Ulhas) house in the city.


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    director Abdur Rashid Kardar
    editor Shri Anekar
    genre drama
    keywords blind mother learn
    musicBy Vasant Desai
    producer Mrs. Akhtar Sultana
    productionCompany Silverwings